European Mobility Week: a look at B.I.G.'s modal shift


From Sept. 16 to 22, 2022, European Mobility Week sheds light on all the efforts needed to change the way we transport ourselves and the products we consume. Everyone can do their part to create a more sustainable future!

As car-free Sundays, take-your-bike-to-work-days, Park + Ride initiatives and public transportation options are promoted across Europe, we also ensure that B.I.G. will achieve its mobility goals! We highlight some recent and future efforts.



With nearly 5,000 employees at B.I.G., we have quite a commute as well. 

We leave our employees free to choose their means of transportation, but we want to support them with sustainable options.

In Belgium, for example, employees are given the opportunity to lease an (electric) bicycle. After the lease period of 3 years, they have the choice of exchanging their bike for a new model or buying their current bike at the attractive residual value.

In addition, B.I.G. is also aiming for an all-electric fleet by 2028. From mid-2023, employees with a company car, will only be able to choose electric models. And that choice is already widely supported even now. This year, already 90% of the company cars chosen were electric models.

Add to these actions our annual actions on bicycle safety and the plan to equip all our sites with charging stations, and we are well on our way.


Sustainable Solutions

But transportation isn't just about getting to work. it's also about bringing our solutions to our customers. Here, we are fully committed to more efficient modes of transport and to the modal shift.

A good example of this can be found at our Beaulieu Mats division. Together with Multimodaal.Vlaanderen, a business advisory board in Flanders, they worked out a new scenario in which road transport was largely replaced by train transport. The ecological gain? A 49% drop in CO2 emissions.

We are also already thinking about the next step where we will replace the remaining road kilometers with inland navigation.  If all goes well, the total CO2 emissions for the route will then be 55% lower than before."

Around the world, we are looking at small changes with big implications. In our production facilities, all forklifts are being replaced with electric alternatives or electric pool cars are being used to get from one location to another.

The road is still long, but we believe we can travel it together!