Unveiling the IT dynamics at Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.)


B.I.G.’s DNA is all about fostering the development of talent. At B.I.G., different profiles find their way and can develop their full potential. Especially hands-on IT profiles can fully develop their potential in a variety of projects. We asked IT Director Hans Denijs where IT profiles land at B.I.G.

How is the IT division structured within Beaulieu International Group as an international company?

Hans Denijs: “Beaulieu International Group initially focused on its core manufacturing business rather than IT. However, as the company grew, IT became one of the first divisions to be centralized. Beaulieu ICT now operates as a separate company within the Group, based in Waregem, Belgium, and employs about 90 dedicated employees. In addition, some IT professionals are stationed at local plants.”

“The extensive centralization of Beaulieu ICT enables the company to offer a wide range of services. These services include infrastructure, applications, and everything related to them. We manage an attractive portfolio of projects and new solutions, as well as a robust set of mission-critical sustainable applications.”

How has the ICT organization developed at B.I.G.?

Hans Denijs: “After the launch of the strategic transformation plan at B.I.G., which is heavily dependent on digital technologies, the ICT organization was redesigned. This transformation required a review of the centers of excellence. The current structure consists of five competence towers, including infrastructure and related services operations tower, an ERP tower, a data tower, a customer experience solutions tower, and a project management tower.”

Do ICT projects at B.I.G. have an international dimension?

Hans Denijs: “Absolutely! At Beaulieu ICT, we carry out ICT projects all over the world. The international dimension of our work is one of the reasons why we successfully attract new colleagues. The opportunity to work in different countries or collaborate with colleagues from different cultures is not only very motivating but also a great asset for personal development. Not all positions require travel, as some individuals prefer to provide services remotely, which is perfectly acceptable.

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What profiles are we looking for to meet the future challenge of B.I.G. IT?

Hans Denijs: “We are open to both senior and junior profiles, as we know that both can make valuable contributions. Seniors usually have experience and wisdom, while juniors often bring fresh ideas and digital expertise. We believe that a team with the right mix leads to great results. Given our broad range of services, we also offer exciting internships to young potentials.”

“We are always looking for new talent, both for the operational part of IT and for applications. This includes SAP experts, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) specialists, and professionals for our other towers, which require daily attention. The MES engineer role is particularly important for supporting Industry 4.0 initiatives, and IT professionals with a strong interest in manufacturing or engineers who like the IT side of things will find it here.”

How does B.I.G. invest in the personal and professional development of IT talent?

Hans Denijs: “The rapid development of IT is both a challenge and a motivation. At B.I.G., we encourage everyone to keep up to date in various ways, to continue their education, and to have the time and environment to experiment and try new things. We strive to create an atmosphere where new ideas and initiatives are not only heard but also put into practice when they benefit B.I.G.

What makes working as an IT colleague at B.I.G. attractive?

Hans Denijs: “B.I.G. is a dynamic, family business with short decision lines. One of our special characteristics is the flat structure that we maintain at Beaulieu ICT. Hierarchies only exists for three specific reasons: escalations, important decisions, and priorities. This approach promotes open communication, collaboration, and empowerment.”

“As a manufacturing and service delivering company, B.I.G. offers an exciting and diverse landscape where IT is involved in every project. Our IT team plays a key role in business development and value creation. We pride ourselves on a variety of roadmaps aimed at achieving excellence in every aspect of our business. Potential colleagues have the opportunity to become part of a digital world where people are at the center and together, we achieve extraordinary results and make magic happen!"