Beaulieu International Group immerses Brussels Airport in the ultimate Christmas atmosphere

Press release

As the year comes to a close, travelers at Brussels Airport will be guided through the terminal in an enchanting Christmas atmosphere. Brussels Airport will be adorned with 100% sustainable and specially designed BerryAlloc Luxury Vinyl Tiles from Beaulieu International Group.  Both  the Beaulieu International Group and Brussels Airport are delighted about this new collaboration as beyond achieving unique experiences, it underscores their dedication to sustainable principles. Renowned for its diverse flooring solutions, Beaulieu International Group is a key player in the industry, offering not only artificial grass, needle felt carpet, parquet, laminate, and cushion vinyl but also sustainable LVT floors. These floors, usually designed for private residences and commercial spaces, are now also making their mark in themed entertainment venues.

Customized flooring

Brussels Airport and Beaulieu International Group are joining forces this holiday season to submerge the airport terminal in a captivating Christmas ambiance. To fully immerse travelers in the enchanting holiday season, every detail must be perfect, including the floors. Beaulieu International Group is therefore creating bespoke, colorful, 100% sustainable floors tailored for this project, ensuring a seamless and charming experience for all passengers.

Brussels Airport 2

100% sustainable

The floors designed for this project are not just visually stunning; they're made from 100% recycled PVC, totally in line with Beaulieu International Group’s objective of being a fully sustainable company by 2030. The sustainability story doesn't end with the production and delivery of the LVT floors. After this project, the floors can either be reused by Brussels Airport or returned to Beaulieu International Group. They can then fully recycle the floors and process them into raw materials for new flooring solutions. This marks a groundbreaking step in the LVT landscape, as Beaulieu International Group is the first player to introduce LVT floors made from 100% recycled PVC.

Brussels Airport 3

Fruitful collaboration

This isn't the first collaboration between Beaulieu International Group and Brussels Airport. Previously, some of our Belgian treasures were already highlighted in a similar way.