Beaulieu International Group is pleased to present its first-ever annual report

Press release

Beaulieu International Group is pleased to present its first-ever annual report. This report highlights our commitment to both impact and value, financial and non-financial.

The title "Moving Ahead - Together" was not chosen by accident. The year 2020 marked a special and impactful year for many companies, but for B.I.G. it marked a year of change, progress, and connection. We see our achievements as a driving force for value creation, innovation and sustainable growth.

They will further guide us on our path to enabling great results - for employees, customers, business partners, shareholders and the society. 2020, an unprecedented year During this challenging Covid year, B.I.G. proved to be extremely resilient. Thanks to our first-class employees and our remarkable agility, we managed to consolidate the gradual top-line growth we achieved in recent years.

Our 2020 business performance resulted in a solid financial result in a very challenging market environment. We reported a consolidated annual turnover in 2020 of €1,736 million compared to €1,855 million in 2019, down 6,4%. Despite the slight decline in sales, our EBITDA improved with 3,7% compared to last year. And B.I.G.'s net income remains positive in 2020 thanks to strong cost control.

In line with our long-term vision, we have also invested €51 million in additional production capacity and talent. We are confident that our financial result provides a solid basis for meeting potential short-term challenges and our long-term growth ambition.

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