Signature Floors Earns Highly Commended in the Product Stewardship Awards 2023

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The Product Stewardship Awards took place on November 2, 2023, marked a significant moment for Signature Floors. During the event, Signature proudly clinched the “Highly Commended” recognition, a prestigious accolade that underscores their unwavering commitment to sustainability. This recognition was not only a win for Signature Floors but also a testament to the broader importance of responsible product lifecycle management in the modern world.

Richard Braic, CEO of Signature Floors, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, saying, “We are thrilled to be recognised for our hard work in bringing the ‘Circul8’ program to life. This award is a testament to the dedication and innovation of our entire team. It affirms our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices in the flooring industry”.

The Product Stewardship Excellence Awards serve as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate those organisations that exhibit exceptional dedication and innovation in managing products throughout their entire lifecycle. These awards emphasise national stewardship initiatives that span a wide range of industries and sectors, highlighting the evolving trend towards product stewardship as a means to address environmental concerns comprehensively.

One of the key drivers of Signature Floors’ recognition was their groundbreaking “Circul8” program. This program serves as an exemplar of their commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. Signature Floors places a strong emphasis on crafting high-quality carpet tiles that not only excel in terms of longevity and performance but also prioritise their environmental impact.

One of the standout features of the “Circul8” program is its focus on encouraging customers to actively participate in product stewardship. When the time comes for flooring replacement, instead of disposing of their old carpet tiles, customers have the opportunity to return them. These returned tiles then undergo a comprehensive assessment and rejuvenation process. This innovative approach ensures that the materials are given a new lease on life, minimising waste and reducing the demand for new resources.

A significant aspect of the “Circul8” program is the regeneration of yarn from the old carpet tiles. This regenerated yarn is then used to create sustainable commercial carpet solutions. By doing so, Signature Floors not only promotes sustainability but also showcases the importance of responsible product lifecycle management, where waste is minimised, and resources are recycled and reused.

Signature Floors’ participation in the Product Stewardship Excellence Awards 2023 and their receipt of the “Highly Commended” recognition serve as a resounding endorsement of their dedication to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability in the flooring industry. It reaffirms Signature Floors commitment to the broader mission of accelerating the adoption of product stewardship principles in Australia. Through their innovative practices, they are contributing to positive environmental and social outcomes by championing responsible design, efficient resource utilisation, and the sustainable reuse of materials. In doing so, Signature Floors is setting an example for the industry and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

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