The I in B.I.G.

The I in B.I.G. goes beyond 'International'.

We’ve lifted it beyond its original meaning and turned it into five closely intertwined cornerstones that shape our business model and define our company culture.

Our people - Beaulieu International Group
Investing in the future

B.I.G. is a company that always keeps the bigger picture in mind.

Through well-balanced growth paths and continuous investments in all areas of our operations – from our facilities to our people – we plant the seeds for long-term success.

Innovation-driven growth

Innovation is deeply embedded in all of B.I.G.’s segments.

This is not only reflected in our R&D division, which includes over 100 employees (35 of whom work on cross-divisional, long-term projects), but has been embraced by all B.I.G. employees and has thus become a part of our company’s DNA.

Intelligent diversification

Through well-considered actions, B.I.G. has become a mature and diverse group that can easily absorb market volatility.

Moreover, diversification allows us to discover growth strategies in both new and existing market segments.

In the coming years, we hope to expand our business even further by tapping into new market trends and customer demands and by exploring operational synergies.

Intrapreneurial spirit

By encouraging the engaging, ambitious and progress-oriented attitudes of our employees, we try to create a stimulating, responsible environment that puts open communication and creativity central.

This mentality has allowed B.I.G. to become an industry-leading player.

Integrated workstreams

As a large-scale industrial group with a global reach, B.I.G. is constantly looking for sensible synergies and other angles to achieve business optimisation.

More concretely, we focus on a unified way of working (together) to deliver the best possible products and services to our clients.

Various acquisitions in the past have helped us expand in size, diversify product offerings, increase market leadership and explore new markets.

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