CEO change at Beaulieu International Group


<< Announcement on behalf of the Board of Directors of Beaulieu International Group >>

The Board of Directors of B.I.G. announces today that Dominiek De Clerck will assume the role - ad interim - as CEO for the Group as of today. The search for an external CEO is ongoing.

Pol Deturck came to the helm at B.I.G. in March 2021 to develop a sustainable growth policy with a continued focus on customers, innovation and further expansion. In the summer of 2023, he indicated his intention to hand over the torch during the year 2024.  On June 30 2024, Pol Deturck will leave the company.

During the upcoming transition period, as Advisor to the CEO, he will ensure an optimal transfer of knowledge to Dominiek De Clerck.

The Board of Directors would like to thank Pol Deturck wholeheartedly for the successful transition and the great results the company has been able to post in recent years despite the very challenging market conditions.