France Relance program strengthens stability of B.I.G. Yarns Comines (FR) in a challenging market environment

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Press release

On Wednesday, July 13, B.I.G. Yarns Comines (FR) received a delegation of institutional representatives as part of its France Relance program.

At the end of 2021, B.I.G. Yarns Comines was selected as one of the laureates for the French government's Program that is highly focused on accelerating economic growth.

The France Relance program created for this purpose aims to provide financial support to companies after the covid crisis and ensure the recovery of the economy. They give oxygen to companies that are committed to additional employment, strengthening of skills (employment, training), innovation, competitiveness and, of course, sustainability.

This strategic reinforcement project will ensure that B.I.G. Yarns Comines can sustainably hold its own in a very challenging and rapidly changing market affected by high raw material and energy prices, strong competition, and fluctuating demand that affects the entire sector. In addition, all realizations contribute to reducing the carbon footprint which ensures that B.I.G. Yarns can continue to build a sustainable future for its customers, its employees and the community.

B.I.G. Yarns France Relance