New showroom and office buildings of Beaulieu International Group in Wielsbeke are taking shape!


In September 2022, Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.) initiated the construction of a brand-new showroom and accompanying office spaces. More than a year later, the project is gaining momentum. Both the showroom and the new offices are gradually taking shape, promising to become an innovative and creative space where all of B.I.G.'s flooring and material solutions will come together.

Construction progress on schedule

"The building has a total area of approximately 3,700 square meters, with 1,600 square meters exclusively designated for our showroom”, explains Paul De Vuyst, Group Real Estate Manager at B.I.G. "The building is designed to be Nearly Energy Neutral (BEN), thanks to the use of geothermal technology for cooling and heating. This required about 60 boreholes beside the building, each about 90 meters deep. This new building will have an exceptionally small ecological footprint, aligning perfectly with our sustainability goals", Paul De Vuyst added.

The ultimate experience

In the new showroom, customers and partners will have the opportunity to touch, discover, and experience all of B.I.G.'s solutions, from the flooring and engineered solutions to their raw materials, such as polymers. "Our visitors will interact with our innovations through an advanced digital experience. Interactive product installations will allow people to touch, feel, and explore our solutions," stated Matthias Blomme, Group Marketing Manager at B.I.G.

Connecting with colleagues

The showroom is not only the ultimate experience for B.I.G.'s partners and customers but also a place where B.I.G. employees can fully enjoy the benefits of this brand-new building. At the heart of the building lies the "Place Beaulieu", a versatile space where employees can meet and work together in pursuit of B.I.G.'s purpose: Shaping sustainable living, together.

In the coming weeks and months, hard work is being put in to complete the new showroom and associated offices. It is set to open its doors and welcome its first customers during the next edition of the Flanders Flooring Days, taking place from May 13 to May 16, 2024.

inside place beaulieu
outside wielsbeke