Even in challenging times, Beaulieu International Group is fully committed to sustainable solutions that add value

Press release

With its annual report titled ‘Connecting the dots’, Beaulieu International Group continues on its chosen path of evolving from a producer of basic products to a provider of sustainable value-added solutions for every customer. 


Even in these times of turbulent markets and economic challenges, and perhaps we should say especially in these turbulent times, we are convinced that our future must be absolutely sustainable.  Although sustainability is often talked about in terms of challenge, for B.I.G., sustainability represents one of the biggest business opportunities of our time. The concept of sustainability presents us with inspiration to develop new business models and new innovative products, and to improve our talent recruitment. The benefits just keep on adding up. That is why we chose ‘Shaping sustainable living, together' as our raison d'être.   


"Fortune favours the bold. So instead of shying away from sustainability when the going gets tough, we actively pursue it. Time will prove that we are right," says Pol Deturck, CEO. 


Read more about the 2022 results and growth strategy in the press release 


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