Route 2030: Beaulieu Canada builds 358 children's beds


B.I.G. is on a path to zero environmental footprint by 2030. That’s right, zero. To make this journey more tangible, we’d like to offer you a passenger’s seat from which you get immersed in our diverse sustainability projects. Every two weeks, we’ll share a new project. In this edition: B.I.G. Canada builds 358 children’s beds.

Listening to local needs and concerns is important for companies moving into a new area, but actively contributing to local communities is something else. That is why, in all 19 countries where we have a physical presence, we strive to create value for local people and help their communities thrive. Beaulieu Canada leads by example.

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“As you would expect from an organization built on family values, B.I.G. places great importance on the local communities surrounding our sites”, explains Serge Marceau, HR Director at Beaulieu Canada. “When setting up operations in a new region, we are sensitive to customs and culture and try to maintain good relationships with local business leaders, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, customers, governments and other stakeholders. Mutual respect is the cornerstone to our constructive approach.”

Building children’s beds

“We do not stand alone in supporting local communities,” says Mario Bergamin, Executive Vice President of Sales at Beaulieu Canada. “We participated in an event hosted by home improvement giant Lowe’s, one of our major broadloom customers. In just 6 hours, more than 300 vendors joined forces with Lowe's employees and local volunteers to build 358 beds for children who do not have their own bed. This just goes to show that some of our customer relationships go beyond business.

One of many inspiring initiatives

“Another example of our local efforts can be found in the community of Acton Vale, close to our Canadian facilities, where we co-fund various good causes and projects”, Serge continues. “Last year, we made donations to the Breast Cancer Foundation, the Centre Ressources-Femmes de la région d’Acton Vale and Forum 2020, which facilitates the integration of migrants in Quebec. Plus, in December, we sent Christmas baskets to needy families in Acton Vale. The initiatives are very diverse, but all serve the same purpose: to create a healthy, safe and prosperous local environment.”

Route 2030 Beaulieu Canada children bed