Route 2030: Joining forces in the Sustainable Consumption Pledge


To underscore our dedication to serving our planet, we recently joined the Sustainable Consumption Pledge. This is a voluntary cooperation initiated by the European Union together with businesses to enhance the sustainability of production and consumption, thereby complementing other regulatory actions.

The Sustainable Consumption Pledge is a call to action, urging companies like Beaulieu to build a sustainable future for Europe. By taking the pledge, we commit to identify our carbon footprint and reduce it by setting targets that can be measured and checked in the coming years. We increase circularity in our activities and respect social sustainability across our supply chain.


In Line with Our Purpose

"The Sustainable Consumption Pledge is perfectly aligned with our purpose of 'Shaping sustainable living, together'", says Clara Carelli, Group Sustainability Director. "This pledge provides us with an opportunity to transparently share our commitments. We aim to build a better future by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, embracing a more circular economy, caring for people, and conducting business ethically. It is also a way to collaborate with others: we believe that governments, citizens, and companies urgently need to act together. Pledges like this one are crucial for that."


Measurable parameters

Strong commitments, actions, and reporting are the three pillars you must address to join the Sustainable Consumption Pledge. Additionally, it is essential to have clearly measurable parameters for the actions taken. "We are on track with some objectives and need to accelerate others. However, we have not changed our plans; these are the same commitments we had within Route2030", continues Clara Carelli.


Joining a community of pioneers

Both Business to Consumer and Business to Business companies can commit to the Sustainable Consumption Pledge. Essentially, any company that impacts consumers and, more generally, consumption can join. "Some big names as well as start-ups and innovative companies are part of this commitment. We wanted to join this group of leaders who have the courage to make ambitious commitments. We may not always know the solution or exactly how to achieve our targets, but we are willing to pursue them, take risks, and create a positive impact."


Reshapers within B.I.G. and outside

"Our Route2030 is driving actions to reshape how we produce and the solutions we offer. I believe this pledge will not change our current approach. Concerning marketing, transparent and honest marketing based on facts and science has always been our practice. By committing to this pledge, we hope to inspire others. We want to create a movement! Reshapers within B.I.G. and outside!" concludes Clara Carelli.

Beaulieu - Sustainable Consumption Pledge