Route 2030: Our Sustainability journey, inspiring others and fueling awareness


B.I.G. is on course to achieve a zero environmental footprint by 2030. That is right, zero. To make this journey more tangible, we would like to offer you a passenger’s seat from which you will be able to really get up close and immerse yourself in our various sustainability projects. In this edition: Inspiring others and fueling awareness on our sustainability journey.

An important step in our sustainability journey is ensuring that both sector peers and those outside our industry are aware of the ambitious sustainability goals we've set, and how we plan to achieve them. By inspiring others and being inspired ourselves, we foster the creation of fresh ideas. This cross-pollination is the driving force behind the sustainability goals in our industry.

With the outspoken ambition of B.I.G. and our array of sustainable solutions, our Sustainability team is increasingly being asked to talk on events to inspire other companies!

A highly esteemed guest at events

Femke Faelens, our Sustainability Manager at B.I.G., has been on the move lately, hopping from one event to another, passionately spreading and promoting our 2030 ambition. "It's remarkable how we've been increasingly sought after to share our perspective on sustainability", Femke shares. "We talk about how we crafted our Route 2030 strategy and how we manage to align the diverse interests within such a large company in the same direction."

Ecodesign is the way to go

During the lectures, the focus is often on our Ecodesign, or in other words; how we designed our business model in such a way that the overall picture of B.I.G. can have a positive impact on the planet. "This can involve our production process, utilizing renewable energy, rethinking products, recycled content, and so on", Femke continues. "But it also encompasses how we can ensure sustainability throughout the value chain. I'm thinking about fostering the right partnerships or implementing reverse logistics - essentially, everything that happens beyond our four walls, but still lies within our control and influence."

Getting our products and value chain in order

Our event carpet, Rewind, is one of our most renowned sustainable solutions. This carpet is made of a mono material, making it 100% recyclable. After use, the carpet is transformed into granules, finding new applications in the automotive or furniture industries. “Rewind exemplifies the power of Ecodesign – not only have we developed our own product that can be recycled, but we also have established sustainable partnerships throughout the value chain. We have ensured that our Rewind carpet customers have access to various partners for processing the event carpet after use, both domestically and internationally. Through these preferred partnerships, we not only ease the burden on our customers but also ensure that the processing of the event carpet is done properly and in accordance with industry standards."

Valuable outside-in views

It's not widely known how far B.I.G. has progressed in our Ecodesign efforts, which is why there is often a sense of wonder at events when people discover our robust and entirely sustainable solutions. “That's why it's crucial to spread the word to the outside world”, says Femke. “Engaging in dialogue with other stakeholders not only allows us to share our knowledge but also provides us with a valuable outside-in view, enabling us to learn and grow from others' perspectives.” And when we compare ourselves to others, we can confidently say that we stand strong in our sustainability endeavors. "Our ambition is definitely up there," Femke chuckles. "But you can see that the entire industry is actively working towards the same goal. Sustainability is more alive than ever. So, let's keep pushing forward, inspiring each other, and making a lasting impact on the world together!”

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