Route 2030: why Senses makes sense

Flooring Solutions

B.I.G. is on a path to zero environmental footprint by 2030. That’s right, zero. To make this journey more tangible, we’d like to offer you a passenger’s seat from which you get immersed in our diverse sustainability projects. Every two weeks, we’ll share a new project. In this edition: Why Senses makes sense.

As a global industrial group, we take material scarcity seriously. That’s why we use as much recycled and renewable content in our products as possible. But we also try to use fewer materials. For example, we constantly look for ways to make products lighter and simpler, without compromising on performance. And that’s exactly what we did with Senses, a brand-new flooring solution.

Veneer: the new parquet

“Resource efficiency is very much a burning topic within our offering of strong wood floors”, says Nele Vannieuwenhuyze, R&D Manager Wood at BerryAlloc. “The goal: do more with less, thus preserving our forests. Senses is exactly the type of flooring the world needs more of. With its 0,6 mm real oak top layer, Senses is classed as veneer instead of parquet. To call it parquet, the top layer needs a minimum thickness of 2,5 mm. But it’s every bit as aesthetic and high performing.”

Less wood, same quality

“To be clear, BerryAlloc also offers parquet with 2,5 and 3,3 mm top layers, as real parquet remains very popular in certain markets. But we wanted a more sustainable option to complete our product range. Senses minimizes the need for logging, while it maintains the same technical qualities, look and authentic feel. The harder high-density fibreboard that’s incorporated even raises the floor’s impact resistance. In short, you can’t tell the difference between Senses and parquet, but nature can.”

We’ve only just begun

“In recent years, eco-design has truly become a second nature at BerryAlloc. In our quest to shape sustainable living for this and the next generations, we will keep on expanding the boundaries of what is technically possible. Everyone who wants to join in on this mission is more than welcome at BerryAlloc.”

Senses route 2030