Route 2030: welcome at the B.I.G. University


B.I.G. is on a path to zero environmental footprint by 2030. That’s right, zero. To make this journey more tangible, we’d like to offer you a passenger’s seat from which you get immersed in our diverse sustainability projects. Every two weeks, we’ll share a new project. In this edition: welcome at the B.I.G. University.

Just about any company in the world claims its people are its most important asset, but not all of them put their money where their mouth is. Strange, because companies that truly put their talent first simply perform better. The bottom line: when you let your employees decide which strengths to develop and how to contribute to your goals, you’ll always get paid back double. That’s exactly what we aim for with our B.I.G. University.

A campus with 7 Academies

“When we created the blueprint for the B.I.G. University, we had one important condition in mind: it needed to appeal to all 5.000 B.I.G. colleagues”, says Pieter Lelieur, Chief HR Officer. “Whether you sell flooring solutions or operate extrusion machinery, everyone should get a fair chance to explore his or her potential. In the end, this resulted in 7 Academies: Innovation, Leadership, Operations, Procurement, Sales, Safety Health & Environment, and Technical. A set-up that allows for a wide variety of individual growth paths.”

Promising pilot programs and projects

“After a thorough preparation period, we were all excited to launch our first courses in Spring 2021. The Leadership Academy and Innovation Academy got the ball rolling, with initiatives ranging from a 6-month development course for managers to international innovation seminars. The infectious enthusiasm of the participants motivates us to follow through. Step by step, we’ll build a comprehensive offering of blended learning trajectories within every Academy.”

Extra’s for self-study

“To make learning as accessible as possible, we also offer an e-library with over 3.000 e-books and podcasts, as well as several e-learnings. For example, we have an e-learning module on the automation of machinery, which we make available in cooperation with German tech giant Siemens. In short, we cater for all tastes and learning preferences. In the long run, this approach should enable us to keep on shaping sustainable living, together.”

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